30 ноември 2009

Steampunk USB

I love doing things with my hands. Creating stuff, playing instruments or just fiddling with a pencil or a zippo. So here's a passion of mine I haven't talked before - handcrafts.
No matter what I'm dealing with usually the products of my work are fictive, digital, organisational, witty or plain nonexistent. Old school type of existent I'm talking about. The one you can touch, hold, play with.
I find enormous consolidation and satisfaction in working on something literally with my hands. To sweat, bleed and struggle to give it life.

This is the Ultimate Scribe Briefcase - my greatest creation so far. It took two usb flash drives (the first broke), 3 dead old watches, a russian alarm clock, a plank of grenadil, some leather and a sweet week of work. In the beginning when it was only a brave idea I wasn't sure I'll be able to do it so it was a challenge and I am still proud of it. Until the next one.

Done with the precious help of Yasen Nikov who prepared the wooden base and gave me my first lessons in wood carving.

2 коментара:

seasons каза...

Поредното съвпадение:-)
Напоследък се оказва, че все повече и повече хора чувстват необходимостта да работят с ръцете си. Мен лично това много ме радва.
Много са красиви снимките, макар че не се вижда много ясно, доколкото разбирам това е чанта с оригинална закопчалка?

Ray каза...

Ау ама толкова ли не си личи какво е? USB flash drive и се побира в шепа. Трябваше да го снимам до левче аз.

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