29 август 2008

На Дявола Гърлото

The Devil's Throat is a cave situated near Trigrad into the gorge itself. It holds the highest underground waterfall on the Balkans - 43m. high. The legend has it that Orpheus had gone inside that very cave to search for his beloved.
I don't know if that's true but I know for sure from the local people some very intriguing facts about the cave. During the last twenty years or so a couple of floods threw inside the cave an enormous amount of wood material as it was stored up the river. I don't remember the exact numbers but by the time I figured that it was enough to build about four houses with it. Including a horse with a chariot... Well, not a splinter came out on the other end - where the water appears again - about 500 meters down the gorge.
Back then it was impossible to go inside the cave and when a tunnel was dug nothing was found in the cave hall, which itself is enormous. It can easily hold three 10-story buildings inside.
All this just adds to the magic of the place and can not stop me from thinking that even bigger galleries lie undiscovered somewhere in the Trigrad's beautiful hills.

12 август 2008


A lot can be said about that magical place and my personal connection to it. My first encounter with Trigrad was six years ago I believe. And since then every year I manage do steal some time to spend there. I've walked and climbed to every bit of it. I've slept in some the caves, I've watched clouds been born from the heart of the gorge at night. And every time I tried to photograph it.

Last weekend, however, for the first time I felt prepared to capture the beauty of the gorge.

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