22 септември 2008


If you are from around here, there is hardly anything to be said about Sozopol as you probably have been going there regularly every summer. It is (or at least used to be) a beautiful town near the sea with great beach, diving places, architectural past and nice bars. In my experience half Sofia turns out there through the summer. Now, however, it is way too crowded and noisy for me. The town has literally tripled its size for the last five years and I can't stop thinking of the movie "The Beach" strolling along the streets.
Still it holds a lot of memories and is a great place to spend a couple of nights and take a shot or two.

10 септември 2008


The White Bar is the place where I spent a great deal of my vacation this summer. As far as seaside vacations are considered - it doesn't get any better than this. Not overcrowded, chill out, wi-fi beach spot serving nice cocktails. My tent was twenty meters just behind the trees and the sea was twenty meters below. Added with the canoes and surfs rental nearby there were ten days of bliss for me.
There, provided with the time and space to spread my thoughts I finally read Pirsig's 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance'.
Та представям ви мястото където прекарах ваканцията си. Ей, там под белия бакарди чадър, на белия хм 'стол' - инак безформена маса пълна с топчинца, която придобива всякаква форма каквато искаш и и викат барбарон. Точно там си пих сутрешното кафе по изгрев слънце, и следобедните котейли, и отдъхвах от обилни обеди и гребания с кану в морето, и прочетох цяла книга - цяла седмица. Както инжинерът с опитно око би забелязъл барът е ама точно на плажа, на не повече от двадесет метра от морето /това не се вижда/, а луксозната ми палатка е опъната на един хвърлей камик от дърветата на бекграунд. Мястото просто трябваше да бъде запомнено. 

02 септември 2008

Втори Дубъл

Another shot from inside the Devil's Throat. If you grasp the people standing on the terrace in the middle you could get a sense of how enormous that underground gallery is.

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